• I write a lot of secret code…

    …and no, I cannot write about it.

    Above: Screenclip from the Gulp file that bundles this opensource site +

    In 2015 I joined a team of American ninjas, and their European counterparts. Me plus the other Canadian, made two. Our mission? Oh. Well, I can't tell you about that. (Because then I'd have to bill you.) Just, no.

    Since I started in web (about a hundred and fifty years ago) I've been so lucky to participate in some really cool things. This, was one of those once in a lifetime events. One you could easily describe as: just magic.

    A project that I felt tailor-made for.

    An original, worldwide, consumer product launch. Achieving instant success.

    For a big fashion brand, in a field steeped in tradition.

    And it was SO MUCH FUN.

    An experience that had me logging hours in the high 70s, low 80s each week, "heads down", (hands bleeding). Filled with prototypical prototype things under physical lock and key.

    [and SSH lock and key]

    This was the sort of project that would inspire the likes of Homer to write epic poetry.

    The kind of experience where they'd cast one of those dudes from SUPERBAD to play the role of YOU in the movie.


    Just another secret day at the office. With real challenges and deadlines. And real, sweaty ambition.

    Secret meetings about secret meetings with the Creative Director and his merry band of user experience designers. Agile scrum.

    In the engineering room: hotwire! SPARKS! And secret shit, blowing up!

    Secrets On Secrets On Secrets. Secret meetings held around vast boardroom tables, with a cast of characters where you could easily imagine each as a Lord Of The Rings protagonist; each hailing from the 8 corners of Middle Earth.

    Secret Google Hangouts, HipChat rooms; and a series of seriously-secret secret conference rooms, with names each more epic than the last. Names like: VADER. And VOLDEMORT. I mean: Voldemort? YES! Ol' "You Know Who".

    All these people I developed secret relationships with. All those secret experiences. Another big addition to my awesome network. I'm so grateful!

    This, is my life of secret service. And as I work through it, while I can't use my camera or a pen to write with, I'm making one million memories as mental pictures, and stories I'll carry with me for life.

    Oh! And. Plus:

    See that commemorative `redacted` hanging there on my wall as tangible evidence?



    _Welcome to Canada, Bienvenue!
    a mountie looks up from his kiosk at the front gates of Canada. He's sitting.

    _Yes, so what is there to do here?
    the newcomers ask, letting out their migratory breaths as a billowing fog in the blue air.

    the mountie considers, for a moment, translating to English from his native tongue.
    _Bien, it’s Winter now: so mainly, we do a lot of sitting.


    Message to the world:

    Drink water. And:


    Expression is a source of Pure Refreshment Demineralized by Reverse Osmosis and best Dispensed in Large Quantities.



    Team Feedback

    Working with Jason Hargrove on our digital fashion project was a true pleasure. Jason's expertise on front end features and broad knowledge of a variety of coding languages and tools made him an invaluable part of the team. Jason kept a cool head under pressure for an extended period of time, remaining enthusiastic and optimistic despite a grueling schedule and a challenging client with ever-changing demands. Jason's extensive experience in the fashion industry was an added bonus, making him a valuable resource outside of his coding responsibilities.

    Though Jason was not the lead on the project, I was able to come to him for well-thought-out, informed opinions on a variety of feature requests. He was invaluable in determining timelines and plans of action. On one occasion, Jason came to me directly to share some personal concerns with how the project was being managed by myself and the leads. He was calm and fair in expressing his thoughts, doing so in a professional manner that helped me address them, leading to a positive outcome for him, me, and the whole team. In short, Jason is a strong coder with well-rounded knowledge and experience who remains cool under fire. I would jump at the chance to work with him again and hope to do so in the near future.

    Paul Benjamin
    Sr. Project Manager
    Chaotic Moon Studios | a part of Accenture Interactive

    Through working together over the past year, I’ve had the privilege of seeing how you can work under deep pressure in challenging client-facing situations. In every interaction, you’ve excelled at keeping yourself level-headed and professional. You have always established a sense of trust in the team that you will accomplish your commitments, and have always been able to make your deadlines no matter what the cost. Your work has always been of the highest quality, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the trouble this has saved all present and future teams who will be interacting with your code base.

    Again, thank you so much for your hard work, commitment, and dedication over the past year. I hope I’ve been able to make it clear that this has not gone unnoticed.

    Thanks again,

    Austen Miller
    Project Manager
    Chaotic Moon Studios | a part of Accenture Interactive

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